Masia Ampurdanés: a priviliged place towards the Catalan Pyrenees

The property mas Ampurdanés is situated in the outside of the village of Pallerols belonging to the municipalities of Baronía de Rialb, at a distance of about 60 km  from Andorra.
The documented origin of the farm with an extension of more than 150 ha dates back to 1553 and belongs to the same family since then. The farming activity ceased in 1970 and the house was abandoned until in 2004 a thorough and complete rehabilitation was carried through, with great care to keep as much as possible of the original structure and equipments. A swimming pool and barbecues were added in order to provide adequate conditions for holiday purposes.
The privileged emplacement of the property permits magnificent views from Montserrat to the Montsec mountain, as well as the areas of Noguera, Segarra y Pla de Lleida.